Harry reacting to a woman in the audience saying he was in trouble with her x

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shine bright like a diamond

Diamonds don’t shine, they reflect.

reflect bright like a diamond

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still so in love with this gif…

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I may be changing my url soon and start using this blog again because I miss you all

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be strong,” i whisper at my wifi signal

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harry in a cardigan and that fucking swoop, i’m going into cardiac arrest. 


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So we’re expected to believe that Harry, who can go incognito for days on end, no matter where he is, who has managed to avoid fans thus far this trip by going out of the back of the hotel, decides all of a sudden to leave through the front of Taylor’s hotel, in front of a bank of paparazzi, carrying a washbag and his t-shirt from last night? Does this not reek to high heaven of a publicity stunt?

I’m so saddened by everything, aren’t you?

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